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Pathway to get into Universities like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, INSEAD and more

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Getting into one of the Ivy League universities is the dream of millions of students. Being the most prestigious higher education institution in the world, getting into these institutions means making your way through the extreme competition and rigorous admission procedures. Even the smallest of errors can put your entire effort to waste. Your application has to be perfect with absolutely no scope for rejection. To filter out candidates, these institutions have the most sophisticated and rigorous admission procedures. You will not only have to appear for highly competitive examinations but also make your way through several intense rounds of interviews.

While this may initially appear to be a challenging task, you can get into your dream university if you pay heed to just some essential points where students err the most. The mistakes students often commit aren’t the most palpable ones that get all the attention. Students commit errors regarding small things that nobody thinks can go wrong. But it is ultimately these tiny things that make all the difference. Read out this blog to know more about the pathway to your dream elite University.

Writing the Correct Essay

Your essay would constitute a very important element of your college application. Writing a good essay is imperative if you want to secure admission into your dream university. While writing your essay, the first thing that you should be very careful about will be the topic of your essay. It’s a myth that the college administration doesn’t read your essay. Every essay is read by them. Your essay would tell them about you and create your first impression in the minds of the college officials. Therefore, it has to be the perfect stroke from your side.

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Your essay has to be something that tells the Reader about you. It must contain all relevant details about yourself, such as your education, your internships, your co-curricular activities and your certifications. But it all must be presented in a systematic manner. The Reader wants to see your analytical skills. You must be able to connect all your details into a structure that not only specifies the materialistic details but also encompasses other information, such as your learning from those activities and how all those achievements and failures made you a better version of yourself. Your essay must be free from any grammatical errors. You must revise it multiple times. Your essay will create the backbone of your entire college application. Having the perfect essay will help you a long way in securing admission into your dream university and making a glorious career for yourself. All these things make writing the perfect sop for your college application a sophisticated task. Thus, expert advice is always advisable. You may contact our expert writers, who will draft the perfect SOP for you. Visit to schedule a free meeting with one of our experts.

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Having the best possible test scores

Being in heavy demand, the cutoff scores for getting into these institutions is very high. Therefore, it would be best if you had a decent score to stand a chance of getting into these prestigious educational institutions.GRE, SAT and GMAT are some of the highly popular exams whose scores are accepted by these Ivy League Universities. You must take your best shot at these exams.

The best thing about these exams is that they are less based on your learning ability and more on your critical thinking and reasoning abilities. You can quickly get through these exams with flying colours with clear concepts and sufficient practice. Coaching or any other guidance of some sort is always recommended. These exams have no prescribed syllabus and are very vast. Thus, with the right mentor, you would be able to focus your efforts on only those topics that have been asked frequently in the past years and are most relevant to the examination.

Ikounselor premium has experts who would train you via their internationally benchmarked training programs for GRE, GMAT and SAT. These programs would be taught by international teachers who are experts in their fields. With multiple mocks and best notes, we assure you guaranteed results.

Getting the Right Help

 The admission procedures of these institutions are quite rigorous and testing. The approach differs from University to University. Under such circumstances, it becomes difficult to keep track of the deadlines and rules of different universities. Some expert guidance always becomes advisable to avoid such complications. With the right guidance, students can concentrate their entire efforts on just their exam scores. But students must be careful when picking their coaching. Experts with years of experience can help you a lot in your preparations. Ikounselor has a team of the most experienced teachers across India. Our team would not only help you in cracking your exam but would also help you in drafting your SOP, profile and college applications. With us, you can be assured of guaranteed results.


Lastly, it would help if you believe in yourself. Just remember that this is just an exam. You can achieve all your dreams with the right amount of confidence. Every year thousands of students excel in these examinations. This year it’s going to be you. Just keep this in mind, and you will undoubtedly excel in all your efforts.

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