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MIM and MBA- Pathway, Factors to consider and Exam Preparation

Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Management are the dream courses of many managerial aspirants. Every year thousands of students apply for admission into some of the most prestigious Business Schools in the world to build the career of their dreams. However, getting admission into prestigious global Business Schools is highly competitive and challenging. Students must consider certain factors before embarking on their MBA and MIM journeys. The path of studying in Business Schools and the study itself can turn out to be much different from what you think. Here are a few considerations that students must bear in mind to be prepared for the challenging yet rewarding journeys that Business Schools have in store for them.

Choosing Country Wisely

First, students must be very careful when deciding on their dream study destination. This is because the destination would play a significant role in setting up your career. You must analyse whether the program you aspire to pursue is in demand in that particular country. You must also consider the perspectives of companies and people of those countries before making your choice. It would be best if you also analysed the facilities and internship opportunities that the particular country has to offer you. Moreover, students should also consider the immigration policies, permanent residence rules; post-study work visa tenures, allowable hours for working during studying, Cost of living, scholarships available, general acceptance and overall attitude of residents towards foreigners etc. will significantly affect your stay and study in a foreign country. All these factors must be thoroughly studied before choosing the ideal country for your studies and career.

Well, researching so many factors may become overwhelming for students. That’s where we come in. iKounselor Premium offers free counselling sessions to students to help them in their study abroad journeys.


Hectic Schedules of Students

Both MBA and MIM programs would subject students to highly hectic students. Business Schools would test your ability to meet deadlines and work in high-pressure situations each time. There would be ongoing assignments, tests, internships, competitions and classes that students would have to attend and participate in regularly. This hectic schedule would prepare and polish the students so that they are capable of leading whatever company or venture they associate themselves with to unprecedented heights and glories.

High Competition for Students

MBAs and MIMs are highly popular courses. Seeking admissions into these courses, especially in the most prestigious universities globally, is a highly competitive and challenging task. Competitive exams such as GRE and GMAT are taken by thousands of students, while the seats available in premier Institutes are just a fraction of the number of aspiring students. To ace these exams, it is advisable that students seek expert advice. These experts must be the best from across the world. Ikounselor, through Ikounselor Premium, is offering the best GMAT and GRE classes in India where students will be taught by international teachers who are global experts in their subjects.

Great Employment Opportunities Post Studies

Once you have completed your studies, your hard work must be rewarded. After completing their MBA and MIM programs, students are flooded with a plethora of lucrative employment opportunities. Students embark on the journey of their dreams. While deciding upon whether or not to pursue MBA and MIM, students must remember that at the end of the hectic and enriching journey lies much glory and success. The struggle is definitely worth it all.


Building an appropriate profile to secure admission

As I mentioned earlier, securing admission into prestigious global B Schools is one of the most competitive and demanding tasks. To secure admissions, students don’t only need attractive test scores but also a well-developed overall profile. The CV should be well drafted and must look professional. The SOP must be appropriate and comprehensive. It is advisable that students undergo at least a couple of mock interviews before they appear for the final GD and PI. Ikounselor premium offers expert guidance on SOP and CV drafting services to students and a plethora of mocks not just for exams but also for Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.

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