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Prepare for GRE with ikounselor

  • What is the GRE?

    The Graduate Record Examination, or GRE is a multiple-choice, computer-based, standardized exam that is often required for admission to graduate programs.

  • Who uses THE GRE?

    The GRE is developed to provide graduate schools with common measures for comparing applicants’ qualifications and preparedness for graduate-level academic work.

  • How to register?

    In order to register for the test, view your scores, and access other services, you’ll need an ETS account. The computer-delivered GRE ® General Test is offered year-round at Prometric ® test centers.

There is no prescribed age limit or qualification required for candidates to appear for GRE 2021, however, since GRE is an assessment test for admission to graduate courses, candidates are expected to have successfully completed their undergraduate program.

The original passport is required to be presented as identity proof at the examination centres, as mentioned earlier, in the interim Aadhar card is also being accepted.

GRE is one of the largest assessment programs for admission to graduate courses worldwide.

Note- Training for GRE through iKounselor Preimum includes several effective strategies to achieve perfect scores, like Mock Tests, Efficient Time Management, Personalized Sessions, Problem Solving, and Strategy Sessions.

The computer-based GRE General Test comprises these sections-

  • 1 Analytical Writing Assessment section
  • 2 Quantitative Reasoning sections
  • 2 Verbal Reasoning sections
  • Research that is used for ETS.
  • Unscored which can be Verbal Reasoning or Quantitative Reasoning

Test Preparation

The Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE is designed to test the aspirants’ analysis of the written material along with their relationships between sentences, concepts and varied words. The Verbal Reasoning section has the following subsections:-
a. Text CompletionThese are fill in the blank kind of questions. The variations in these questions include One, Two, and Three blank questions. 6 such questions appear in this section. When you take the GRE exam coaching, it would help you build a vocabulary and hone your skills by taking context clues from the sentence and predict the rest.
b. Sentence EquivalenceSentence Equivalence (SE) is where the influencer fills a single blank with two choices thus constructing two coherent sentences which are logically similar. This section appears as four SE questions. Some of the best institutes for GRE preparation will guide you to complete each question in one minute. GRE coaching classes will also tell you how to increase vocabulary which will suit this section.
c. Reading comprehensionThis section tests the candidates reading ability. It requires aspirants to read through passages containing multiple paragraphs and then develop an explanation or argument for the given topic.These questions test the aptitude required to understand the core idea in the text and the structure of a text. Best institution for Gre preparation aims to educate and facilitate the aspirant to conduct detailed research of the passage and draw valid inferences from it. There are 10 RC questions which would have five different passages. GRE exam preparation would condition you to spend an average of 1 to 3 minutes on speed reading of the entire passage and spend a maximum of 1 minute per question.

The Analytical Writing Assessment is also known as the essay section. This section tests the aspirants on their ability to articulate thoughts and responses to complicated situations and objectives in a clear and rational way. The GRE coaching centres would help you with formulating research-backed thesis in response to challenges set by them. The key to scoring and performing in the Analytical Writing section is best learnt under the expert guidance of GRE coaching classes.

This section during the GRE tests aims to evaluate and aspirants basic quantitative skills. They also check the candidates’ ability to reason and solve problems using various quantitative methods. The questions cover data analysis, algebra, basic arithmetic, data analysis and geometry. There is no high-level mathematics involved.  It also includes quantitative comparison and problem-solving.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of taking GRE examinations is US $ 213. The cost of GRE exam coaching depends on various factors and a good GRE coaching centre will provide you value for money. The GRE coaching classes are not very expensive if you choose well and choose right. A good score is dependent on the personalised touch the GRE coaching centre can give you. 
We at iKounsellor are regarded as the best institute for GRE preparation because we do not charge the students anything extra. Our comprehensive training, along with a personalised touch help students get a good score in the first attempt itself.

GRE coaching centres are preferred by those students who require to speed up their preparations and need guided expert and specialised attention. The best institutes for GRE preparations manage to complete the coaching within 4 to 6 months including mock tests.
But to be able to break the GRE exam coaching times further, we’d like to explain that the duration depends on:-

The score targetted by the applicant- The desired score depends upon the requirement of the university you are considering. While GRE exam coaching is a highly stressful time for students, we encourage them to keep this formula for marks cut-off handy- Verbal Cut off  + AWA Cut off  + Quant Cut off = Targetted GRE Score.
The next is practice papers- once you solve this would you realise areas you need to work harder upon.
 Once you have done your strength and weakness evaluation, it is important to understand the best breakup of your time. Generally, it is very difficult for a student to break up his time, that is where GRE coaching centres help guide the students the most.

iKounsellor has been rated and reviewed as one of the best GRE coaching centre. We have an experienced faculty who have vast training experiences and knowledge. Not only do we have personalised attention and customised doubt solving, but we also have several effective strategies to achieve perfect scores, like Mock Tests, Efficient Time Management, Personalized Sessions, Problem Solving, and Strategy Sessions.
Our best GRE coaching delivers world-class training to aspirants and helps them clinch the best scores. We have online and offline GRE coaching classes and our faculty are trained to help guide you at every stage.
Are 6 months enough for GRE preparation?
As explained above, GRE study schedules need to be devised in a systematic and aggressive manner. If a student doesn’t opt for GRE exam coaching and studies on their own and devotes 5-6 hours per day for 6 days a week, then they can complete their studies in approximately 6 months.

When you are taking a GRE exam coaching, you’d be told that a minimum score of 330 up is considered good for Harvard. While that is subjectively true, we’d like to elaborate further on it. Harvard doesn’t have a fixed formula or a quantitative measure by which it assesses the applicants. They look for academic excellence, a sound Grade Point Average, in-depth knowledge and GRE scores.

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