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We are a team of experienced and highly educated counsellors who have a depth of understanding and are conversant with Ivy League and other premier educational institutions.  We are here to show you the path for a complete overseas education process. In a world full of education counsellors, we pride ourselves on putting students first as against our finances. We aim to provide students with the best of what we can and we don’t compromise on our ethics for the bottom line.

Our vision is to make sure every dream is fulfilled. We strive to enhance the skills and knowledge of the student before they reach for the premier overseas education. Students need someone to help them simplify the Overseas Education Admissions Process with Education Solutions. The need is for honest and ethical institutions that would help students utilise their complete potential and move towards their dreams. 

Our team consists of professionals who know the importance of unbiased, honest and trustworthy advice and guidance. We take pride in being friendly, approachable, a soundboard for student doubts and queries. We research, we align, we assign, we inspire, we guide. We don’t get driven by the bottom line, we aim at your starting line- your entrance to your dream premier colleges.

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Shimon Goldchmit

Shimon Goldchmit

Specializes in test preparation for the quantitative sections of the GMAT, GRE and SAT. He has over 15 years experience preparing students in Brazil and South Africa . Shimon has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo

Sue McLaggan

Sue McLaggan

Sue McLaggan is a trainer and instructional designer , with over 20 years experience training adults in corporate environments. Sue teaches verbal reasoning components of the GMAT, GRE and SAT. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), a Post-graduate Diploma in Education, a Diploma in Business Management and a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA).

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What does an admission consultant do for you?

We advise and support you through your application. We will help you avoid red flags, craft your application strategy and work hand-in-hand with you. We will take the responsibility for the process and put in the work and research time. You can read more about why having an Admission Consultant to support you makes sense here.

  • Profile Evaluation & Gap Analysis
  • Test preparation advice
  • Business school selection advice
  • Brainstorming essay topics
  • Essay review & editing process
  • Positioning your work experience
  • Crafting your resume
  • Positioning your post-MBA work goals
  • Coaching referrers
  • Interview coaching
Meet Our Expert Counsellors

Mr Vishal Dixit - Senior Consultant

Mr. Vishal Dixit with his two decades of experience in the field of study-abroad, is a triumphant youth icon. His extensive knowledge and prompt response make a student’s international educational journey seamless. Vishal has successfully crafted over 15000 global alumni working with blue-chip companies and various sectors.

Hitika Thakar - Chief Consultant

"I smash glass ceilings", Business major in finance, Hitika entered the Edu tech industry only to work with top admission consultants around the world. Exploring the global markets, her major expertise lie in LATAM, EMEA and Asia Pacific region. Direct contacts with admission officers and thorough knowledge of how the create authentic yet the most creative set of applications. She works 1-on-1 basis with boutique admissions consulting companies to scale their revenue goals and build a gap across various markets. Her mission is to empower the world with the right education. Find her on LinkedIn to get in touch!

Anju Batra - Consultant

She has an experience of 4 years as a Consultant with iKounselor. In overseas education, her expertise lies in shortlisting & profile building for top notch universities globally.

Piyush Kashyap - Consultant

A mass communication graduate entered into the Ed tech industry to explore the magical blend of Education and technology. With Experience and thorough understanding of various competitive exams and being a youth icon as well as sports enthusiast during his graduation times, he has closely dealt with young students and has been counselling them for career guidance.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Career counselling, guidance is common. Everyone aims to connect you to the right institute with the guidance of their best faculty. Helping through the visa and admission process is also fairly common. What stands apart is mentorship.

iKounselor believes in pushing the envelope and not fighting for personal gain. We differ from other institutes in our mentorship. We realise that everyone wants to study at premium universities, but finding the right university according to your skills and dreams is not an easy choice. Even difficult is believing in yourself to be able to do justice to your choice. We help you believe in yourself.

Our enthusiastic counsellors are like your friends in the journey, they are personally invested in your growth and not just your admission. They want to see you on the right path of glory.

We believe in the confidentiality of a student and anything discussed between the counsellor and the student/parents, from finances to academics remains between us and is strictly private.

We have been there, done that for a lot of things. Our wealth of personal experience and interpersonal skills help our conviction. When an iKounselor talks with conviction, it is because he brings to the table a wealth of personal experience.

What works for one, may not work for another. Take your time, connect with a counsellor and find out who do you want as a mentor in your journey.

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